24 February 2023 marks a year since the most frightening day in the history of modern Ukraine. 24 February 2023 marks 365 days since the start of the Russian Federation’s criminal, full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This attack culminates the war of aggression which Moscow began against Ukraine nine years ago with the occupation of Crimea in 2014.

With its armed aggression, Russia launched the first war on the continent of Europe in the 21st century, destroying the system of collective world security established after the Second World War. The world again faces a regime which wants the violent revision of borders and is approaching the newest form of totalitarianism.

In the year which has passed since the full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian people have demonstrated to the world examples of bravery, endurance, intelligence, and unity before a terrible enemy which outnumbers them.

How has the UCU community lived through this year? “In this year, our rectorate and the whole UCU community has become stronger. It has become a rock, a real monolith in many areas, from volunteering to supporting one another, in the educational process, in our internal life, and especially in prayer,” says UCU Rector Fr. Bohdan Prach.

6.7 MLN USD spent to date. 42% medication and first aid. 18% support of IDPS. 14% children's health and development. 10% support of volunteer organizations. 5% safety equipment. 5% emergency food assistance. 4% supply chain. 2% UCU safety. 1% misc. As of February 24, 2023. Stand with Ukraine.

We present you with a video and reflections of our students and staff on the past year.

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