Located in Western Ukraine, Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) is the first Catholic university on the vast territory of the former Soviet Union and the leading independent university in Ukraine. It is open to members of all religious denominations and offers degrees in subjects such as philosophy and theology, health and social sciences, applied sciences, law, humanities and business.

Highly ranked academically, it has always been focused on educating and preparing future leaders of Ukraine. UCU accepts no government funding and is supported by donors worldwide who are inspired by its students and mission.

UCU During Wartime

When Russia invaded Ukraine, UCU’s challenge was to adapt to the realities of war while continuing to educate its students. The university became a hub for many different relief efforts. Students, faculty and staff accepted and embraced refugees on the UCU campus, organized medical supply relief through UCU’s Humanitarian Support Collection Center, and provided mental health support to those experiencing trauma. Alongside all those efforts, learning continued.

Amid air raids and experiencing their own personal losses, the students of UCU carry on with their studies, integrating humanitarian work with their education. Many service-learning models at UCU combine classwork with fieldwork: students from the social work program work with displaced families, students in the physical therapy program provide rehabilitation to recovering wounded, and law students work in legal clinics to help internally displaced persons. In this way, UCU simultaneously educates Ukraine’s next generation of leaders and helps to heal Ukraine.

UCU’s Mission

Like all citizens of Ukraine, students at UCU face continuing and unimaginable losses. Even as they house refugees, they themselves may become homeless. Even as they pack and deliver supplies, it may be their family who is hungry. Their family members have lost jobs, homes, income and in some cases, their lives. This has only increased the drive UCU students feel to complete their education and work to rebuild their country. At UCU, we are determined to continue educating and graduating these fine young people so they can fulfill that promise.

How You Can Help

We would be so proud to have you join us in this inspiring work! Your gift can be used to support humanitarian relief efforts or for scholarships for our deserving students. Your gift is more than financial, it is an act of hope. Thank you for believing in our students and in the future of Ukraine.


About UCU Foundation

Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation (UCU Foundation) was founded in 1997 to support and fund the growth and operations of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Through its fundraising activities in the United States, UCU Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, assists UCU in meeting its educational and financial challenges and gives donors a secure way to support the premier Catholic educational institution in Ukraine.

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