Ambassador of Great Britain to Ukraine Martin Harris and Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Natalka Cmoc officially Visited UCU

Martin Harris and Natalka Cmoc discussed with UCU Senior Vice-Rector Yaroslav Prytula and the university’s management team UCU’s role in Ukraine’s post-war rebuilding, the development of partnerships between universities, and the creation of joint programs.

Yaroslav Prytula thanked the ambassadors for visiting the university: “We have already established partnerships with universities in Great Britain and Canada. This year, we launched a joint master’s program with the University of Nottingham, and we have joint research projects with the University of Toronto. We also thank you for fostering the strengthening of cooperation between our countries.”

Martin Harris emphasized that relations between Ukraine, Great Britain, and Canada need to be deepened with the vision of a future alliance. Natalka Cmoc assured Ukraine of support.

They also met UCU students during open lectures.

We thank the ambassadors for the visit and support of Ukraine.