In Kharkiv, among the victims of the Russian strike on the Epicenter supermarket were a first-year student of the Catechetical-Pedagogical Institute of Ukrainian Catholic University, Iryna Myronenko, and her 12-year-old daughter Mariya.

The community of Ukrainian Catholic University expresses its sincere condolences, above all to Iryna’s older daughter, Nadiya Fast, who also studies at the institute, and also to all family and friends. The father of the family, who was with them at the supermarket, is now in critical condition in intensive care.

Twenty-year-old Nadiya Fast found her father in the hospital, and she went to the police to ask about her mother and younger sister. “The whole family of the 20-year-old went shopping there when two aerial bombs landed. The 12-year-old sister and the mother did not respond to phone calls and did not return home. The father was together with them. He is now in the hospital with contusions,” reported Serhiy Bolvinov, head of the investigative administration of the regional police.

The slain mother and daughter were active parishioners of the UGCC Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Kharkiv.

As of the morning of 27 May, the number of victims of the Russian strike on the Epicenter supermarket in Kharkiv is 18 – the prosecutor’s office is relying on data about the identified dead, body fragments, and statements from relatives about the missing.

We express our condolences to all families and friends.

In this difficult time, let us join in prayer for the repose of the souls of the recently-deceased Iryna and Mariya, so that Our All-merciful Lord will accept them into his Heavenly Kingdom.

May their memory be everlasting!

Source of the photo: @Sestra Olexia