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A world-renowned journalist, Anne Applebaum has written for The EconomistThe Washington Post and The Atlantic on a wide range of issues related to global propaganda and disinformation as a threat to Western democracies.  Her most recent book Twilight of Democracy was released to acclaim earlier this year.

Ms. Applebaum has written extensively on the history of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, including her books Iron Curtain and Gulag: A History, for which she received the Pulitzer Prize in 2004. Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine, the first in-depth study of the Holodomor since Robert Conquest’s Harvest of Sorrow, has garnered attention not only in academia but also in the broader media, greatly contributing to public awareness of the Famine.  Red Famine received the Lionel Gelber Prize in 2018, awarded to the world’s best non-fiction book in English on foreign affairs that seeks to deepen public debate on significant international issues. “Anne Applebaum’s Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine is the gripping story of the famine the Soviet leadership induced in Ukraine. …. This is a magnificent book about a globally important issue that everyone should read,” said jury chair Janice Stein.

Ms. Applebaum was awarded Ukraine’s Order of Princess Olga, bestowed on recipients for “personal merits in state, production, scientific, educational, cultural, charity and other spheres of social activities.“

“We’re very eхcited that Ms. Applebaum has agreed to serve as our keynote speaker this year,” said Andrew Lencyk, a member of UCEF’s Board of Directors. “She is one of the most respected and powerful voices in today’s discourse about the need for truth and critical thinking to safeguard true democracy.  Among the more recent events that caught the eye of the Ukrainian community  were the recent interviews that Applebaum conducted with filmmaker Agnieszka Holland and producer Andrea Chalupa following the release of this year’s groundbreaking film Mr. Jones about the courageous Welsh journalist who sought to eхpose the truth about the genocidal famine in Ukraine in 1932-33.”

In addition to Ms. Applebaum’s appearance, the event will include a musical performance by the acclaimed Lviv-based ensemble Pikkardiyska Tertsia. “We had hoped for many years to bring “Tertsia” to the United States for one of our charity events,” said Ivanka Lotoshynska.  “This year, circumstances have enabled us to feature this wonderful group in a live virtual format.”

Register for the November 1st event online, or call the Foundation’s Chicago office at (773)235-8462.