Position Description: Director of Marketing and Analytics

Primary Function

Oversees, coordinates and implements all marketing activities for UCEF. Primarily responsible
for the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan. Oversees, coordinates,
creates and implements the preparation of marketing materials (including print and digital), and the selection and use of specific channels to market (including the content of mail and social
media, etc.). Maintains and updates website content. Implements Board approved
recommendations. Serves as the primary point of contact between UCU and UCEF, with the
goal of ensuring consistency of message, and the ability to leverage UCU marketing resources.
Incorporates data analytics into UCEF’s marketing and donor segmentation efforts; leads the
effort to establish a data-driven culture at UCEF. Supports UCEF’s donor relations managers by
creating marketing collateral that assists them in their development efforts. Drives alignment on
the marketing strategy among all stakeholders (including UCU leadership, UCEF donor relations
managers and UCEF leadership). Works with staff responsible for grants and publications as
well as staff responsible for maintaining UCEF’s social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram) and
all email platforms. Reports to the UCEF board operating committee monthly, and UCEF board
quarterly, on the overall marketing plan and progress.

Capabilities and Experience:

  • Fundamental understanding of basic marketing concepts, with experience in branding and/or content creation using a variety of media and channels to market
  • Experience in developing marketing plans involving multiple message streams, varied target audiences and diverse channels to market
  • Experience in managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders and competing priorities; demonstrated ability to drive projects forward with a sense of urgency
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence; ability to interact and drive consensus/understanding among individuals of different nationalities, work styles and perspectives
  • Basic understanding of the Ukrainian-American community
  • Ukrainian language ability strongly preferred

Organizational Relationship and Compensation:
This is a full-time position, reporting directly to the COO. If the incumbent is not resident in Chicago, 10-20% travel is expected. Salary commensurate with experience.

Expressions of Interest:
For consideration or further information, please forward your resume to Joe Solimini, Chief Operating Officer, at jsolimini@ucef.org.