His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC), Grand Chancellor of UCU (statement from the official website of the UGCC)

I heard with great sadness the news that, after complications from coronavirus, Ihor Skochylias returned to the home of Our Heavenly Father. Accept my sincere condolences and assurance of prayers for the recently deceased.

Prof. Skochylias, from the testimony of many, placed at the altar of learning all his talents: a sharp mind, persistence, patience. He received this love of learning from his teacher, noted historian Yaroslav Dashkevych, not only multiplying it with his life and hard work but also with it setting afire hundreds of young hearts. We believe that his followers will always recall their beloved teacher in their prayers.

Students, fellow teachers, and co-workers from the various projects in which he was involved remember him as a person who had a gift of sensitivity to other people, especially those in need. By his words and deeds he received to them the face of the Heavenly Father, Who is good to all.

Volodymyr Netak, Director of the UCU Press

There are people who radiate light and carry unbelievable energy, which energizes all around them. Ihor Skochylias was like that, unbelievably hardworking, totally dedicated to learning. It was usual even at 4 or 5 in the morning to receive letters regarding texts. No book could simply be published. How many incredible projects were executed, making a significant contribution to historiography. In recent years, how much effort did he put in as the scholarly director of the publishing series Kyivan Christianity, and how many plans remain, which so recently and with such life were discussed.

Orysia Bila, Director of the UCU Philosophy Department

There are people who radiate light and good: in their gazes, words, in their every thought. Ihor Skochylias was like that. He was also a very, very hardworking and responsible researcher. It was thanks to him that the Kyivan Christianity project happened, and many other important things. Ihor with all his strength supported scholarship at the Ukrainian Catholic University. His contribution to the historiography of the UGCC is invaluable.

Ivanka Zakharevych, graduate of the UCU Humanities Faculty

…Ihor Skochylias was a person of learning, light, and smiles. He could and loved to joke, to write and underline my texts and, more accurately, almost re-write them.

He became Dean of the UCU Humanities Faculty when we entered the university. I was class president and Prof. Skochylias was my academic advisor through all my years of study. He was my Good Teacher, Smiling Friend, and Demanding Academic Advisor. He slept little and often e-mailed me at 4 in the morning, always wanting to know my thoughts on various questions. As Dean of the Humanities Faculty, he consulted with me, then a first-year student. He put great faith in me.

He saw me as a Human Being. His humanity, respect, and endless goodness was simply disarming.

I never saw him angry, nervous, or aggressive. Though he was busy, he always had time for me. And we talked, in general, not only about my academic work but about life.

He taught me to read and write in a new way. To write and re-write. Don’t be afraid to cross out…

Personally, and in the name of our group, all the UCU history students of 2016, we express our deepest condolences to his wife, Iryna, daughter, Solomiya, and the whole university community. We thank God for the gift of meeting with Pan Ihor in the life of each of us. We embrace him with our prayers. Bright and everlasting memory.

A VIDEO of the funeral of Prof. Ihor Skochylias, Head of the History Department of the Ukrainian Catholic University, held on December 21 in Lviv, Ukraine, is available BELOW>