On July 9th and 10th, 2022, graduation ceremonies were held at the Ukrainian Catholic University. This year, more than 500 students graduated from the university. They continued their studies through an epidemic and now a war. Their courage, tenacity, and strength are an inspiration to us all.

Photo of UCU's class of 2022 graduates

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University life also continues at UCU as students and faculty prepare for the next academic year. UCU continues to be open, both as a center for learning and also as an important hub of activity in war relief efforts.

Photo of 3 of UCU's graduates from the class of 2022

"Ukraine is already becoming an example for others, an example that you can stand in the most difficult conditions, that light is stronger than darkness, and truth is stronger than lies. Therefore, no matter how strong the evil seems, it is necessary to repel it. On the day of your graduation, I want to wish you stability, strength in the fight against evil, strength in the fight for the truth and your own principles. Always fight for what you personally believe in, what you were taught to believe in the family and within the walls of UCU." Dmytro Kuleba - UCU's graduation ceremony honorary speaker, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and member of the National Security Council.

Graphic that says stand with Ukraine. Stand with UCU Students.

Our students urgently need your help. With so many Ukrainian families still displaced, many more of our students are in need of financial assistance for the next academic year. UCU Foundation and partners around the world continue to raise scholarship funds through the summer so that no student is denied an education because they cannot afford it. The outpouring of generosity and support for our 2022-2023 scholarship campaign has been extraordinary. If you have already made a donation, thank you.

If you wish to donate to our foundation, please visit: https://ucufoundation.org/donate/