UCU Foundation congratulates Taras Dobko on his appointment as Rector of Ukrainian Catholic University. We look forward to many successful years under his leadership!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear UCU Community,

On the first day of my service as Rector of Ukrainian Catholic University, I speak to you with words of gratitude, encouragement, and hope.

I have a lot of gratitude in my heart right now, especially for this community. I cannot list all of the people who have influenced me and shaped me as a teacher, scientist, and manager, but I feel a special debt of gratitude to Archbishop Borys Gudziak, Father Bohdan Prach, Professor Myroslav Marynovich, Professor Igor Skochilas, and colleagues from the Rectorate. All of us have embraced UCU as our life’s work.

Mykhailo Vynnytskyi, a professor at UCU’s Lviv Business School and recently appointed Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine for Higher Education, expressed his strong wish to me that I would value and preserve our UCU community. Our community does not form itself just because we are in a shared physical space. It is we who create the community: based on evangelical principles, professional interaction, and our daily work, which we understand as service to God, the Church, and people. When we succeed, it is because we act as a community that shares common values ​​and goals. So let’s take care of this treasure! Let us rejoice in each other and bear each other’s burdens!

We do not know what God has planned for our future. There will probably be many more challenges and trials, but with our community, we will bring the victory of Ukraine closer. We will heal the wounds of war and help our defenders return from the front to live a full life in a peaceful Ukraine. The victory will restore Ukraine, transform it into a country for the dignified and safe life of all our compatriots, and promote it throughout the world. We will use our strength to stand in solidarity with other countries facing such challenges as ours. Our experience is invaluable, but not unique. There is a lot of hatred, fear, and cynicism in the world. The UCU community will be a source of solidarity, courage, and trust.

We can look forward to the challenges and inevitable changes that progress brings. First of all, we are waiting for several hundred talented young people to join the UCU community this fall. We will continue working on our strategic plan and will present our joint developments to the UCU Senate in October of this year. There may be changes in UCU’s management and organizational structure.

I am pleased to tell you that, at the invitation of Archbishop Borys, with the support of the Senate and with the blessing of His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Grand Chancellor of UCU, Father Bohdan Prach remains with our community as a vice president. His experience will be indispensable, particularly as we develop our relationships with other church institutions and deepen our cooperation with Polish partners.

As is my practice, I plan to be open and communicative on all issues. I will cultivate partners and resources to strengthen the activities of UCU. I also hope to improve our managerial and executive culture which is built on trust, delegation, and responsibility.

For now, I wish all of us a peaceful summer, at least to catch our breath and gain new strength and spend more time with our children, family, and friends. Let’s support our soldiers as much as we can, let’s support the war victims, let’s support each other!

See you in the new school year!

With God!

Taras Dobko