An Important Message from Archbishop Borys Gudziak:

As you may know, Father Bohdan Prach will be stepping down as Rector of UCU after ten years of service at our University. I ask you to take a moment to pause in admiration and gratitude for the courageous leadership he has shown in his time with us at UCU.

During an unimaginably painful time of global pandemic and full-scale war, Father Bohan nevertheless managed to triple the number of programs, faculty, students and buildings at UCU. Under his direction, the University has become a jewel in our country’s system of higher education and attracts the most talented students from all corners of Ukraine. Rector Prach has not only been a tremendous leader, he has also been a pastor, giving solace and hospitality to the UCU community and wartime humanitarian relief to his fellow countrymen.

The scope of his service is vast.

Please listen to his own brief, moving words as he contemplates his time here at UCU and shares his thoughts for the future.

Let us offer prayers of thanks for the Rector and all he has done for UCU. And be assured, friends, that the future of UCU is strong. We trust that God will lead us forward during this transition time–and always.

Glory to God!
Glory to Ukraine!

Metropolitan Borys Gudziak
Ukrainian Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia,
President of Ukrainian Catholic University