Forbes Ukraine leading Ukrainian business magazine featured the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in a Ukrainian-language article, “Startup from God,” in its June 2020 printed issue.

Noted business consultant Adrian Slywotzky, a donor of the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation and a visiting professor at the UCU Lviv Business School, also wrote a 1-page column, “Secret Ingredient,” in the issue.

Forbes Ukraine Editor-in-Chief Vladimir Fedorin spoke with Metropolitan Borys Gudziak, President of the UCU. It is always interesting to listen to the Bishop. And in such times of crisis – it is especially valuable.

Here are some quotes from the video:
✅ “While building the university, we had before us the question:“ How to meet the young man, the leader of the future at the beginning of the XXI century? ”
✅ “Personal development is a very delicate matter and for the process to be holistic, it takes endurance, time, and attention to the mystery of man.”
✅ “A person who joins our community in one form or another needs to get spiritually rich and grow.”
✅ “Our friends with special needs are tutors in human relations, they teach us to take off our masks and break down walls.”
✅ “I want Ukraine to be a country where people respect themselves, where honest work and talent are rewarded, and state and judicial mechanisms are fair.”