Oleh Petrenko, founder and former head of the National Health Service of Ukraine, recently spoke at the Lviv Business School (LvBS) of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). The theme of the meeting was “Starting an institution from scratch: How to create a government startup for the implementation of medical reform.”

During his lecture, Petrenko reminded his audience that leaders have a particular responsibility, because the general results of the team depend on the leader and his enthusiasm. “Don’t get tired of repeating why you are all gathered together. Appeal to your goals, motivate, and recall your desired result,” said Petrenko.

He emphasized three p’s: patriotism, professionalism, and proper behavior.

Summarizing his lecture, Petrenko underlined honesty and trust as the main factors for building a successful medical system in Ukraine: “Honesty is needed, first of all,” he said. “Call things by their names. And trust. This has great value today, especially in medicine.”

Petrenko’s visit happened thanks to the participation of successful physician-entrepreneur Ihor Zastavnyi, coordinator of LvBS’s Medical Management courses.