Dear Father Bohdan!

In a recent interview, answering a question about the roles which the rector must combine, you answered that you see your main task as strengthening the UCU community: “…to help each person understand that there is room to grow, that the ceiling is high, and the rector is not an obstacle. Give people a chance to realize their dreams, and you will see fantastic results- smiling, dedicated staff.”

Dear Father-Rector, we truly have a unique opportunity every day to rejoice in your example of great and, at the same time, humble leadership. You know how to keep the ceiling over us so high that we don’t notice it, and, at the same time, so dependably that every member of our community feels safe.

Every day you teach us dedication and self-sacrifice. You encourage us to aspire to greatness and convince us that great dreams will submit to the bravest. With you, the path to success becomes shorter, the pace more dynamic, and even inevitable thorns seem part of our mission, because what rose has no thorns?

Our daily prayer, dear Father-Rector, transforms our journey into a pilgrimage in which your fatherly blessing accompanies us constantly. We thank you for this! And we thank you for your worthy ministry!

May the Lord generously grant you his blessings and may the inspiration of the Holy Spirit be your spiritual support for many blessed years!