Giving Tuesday is a Ukraine-wide day for good deeds! This year it will be held on 30 November. We decided to share with you stories of UCU students, graduates, and professors who serve others. Over the last three years, more than 500 students of our university were involved in more than 40 social projects. We also invite you, together with UCU, the university that serves, to join in this Ukraine-wide day of good deeds and join in the philanthropy. 

Oksana Bryndzak, founder of Old Age is a Joy

Oksana Bryndzak

Today we’ll tell you the story of Oksana Bryndzak, a graduate of the Clinical Psychology based on CBT Program of the UCU Faculty of Health Sciences, the founder and director of the organization Old Age is a Joy.

Why did you decide to devote your time to social work? What motivated your volunteering?

I see a great driving force for change in social projects. My grandmother and grandfather are important people in my life; a great tie joins us, even across hundreds of kilometers. One moment I thought: Why shouldn’t I care about other grandmas and grandpas, not only my own? There are a number of older people who need help and support. That’s how our civic organization Old Age is a Joy was born.

What does your organization do, and how do you think your work influences the community and changes the world?

For four years now we’ve been visiting residents of geriatric institutions. We give variety to their leisure. Of course, I don’t do this on my own, but with a great team. Together we bring to life events like “St. Nicholas for older people,” where 400 residents of homes for the elderly write letters to St. Nicholas and everyone interested is invited to help fulfill the dreams of the elderly; “donut day,” when after Christmas we treat the residents of the Lviv old peoples’ home to various types of pampukhi [donuts] or “Easter sweets,” where Easter breads and sweets become even more tasty. In addition, our team has concerts and master-classes, and starting in February we will implement the social enterprise project Vbrani [Clothed].

Vbrani knitting projects

The goal of our social enterprise is to raise the quality of life of older people, their self-realization and socialization, by involving them in creating knitted products.

What else do you think it’s important to tell the world about your organization?

That happiness is possible at any age! And if you want to do something good for older people but don’t know what, simply write to us and we’ll help you with ideas!

Knitting projects

Can you tell us a story from your ministry that had the most influence on your life? 

The story of “Grandma” Maria, who, coming back from the nursing home’s dining room, brought me two slices of rye bread and an egg and said: “Child, you’re so thin, and you need strength for your good work!”

Friends, we’re convinced that good deeds should be known! So, we call you to join us on Giving Tuesday and

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Telling about a good deed is also a good deed!

Tell your friends on social media about your experience as a volunteer and good deeds. If someone inspires you through ministry or needs your help, help the world find out about their world.

In order to share a good deed, it’s enough to take three simple steps:

  • Share the story of the ministry of volunteers or an organization with your friends, with the hashtag #УКУякийСлужить and #ЩедрийВівторок and tell them how they can support this project.
  • Pick two friends and encourage them to share their story.
  • Post a photo.

Woman knitting

Let good deeds be shared!


GivingTuesday started in the USA in 2012.

The idea was simple: encourage people to do good deeds. Over nine years, the initiative has spread through the world to more than 154 countries. It started in Ukraine in 2018. The team is implementing this project with the support of the Zagoriy Foundation. For three years now the project has been encouraging good with a Ukraine-wide day of good deeds! This is one day in the year when good deeds are news! GivingTuesday has no specific format or plan of action. Each person, organization, or business can bring their own idea to life, a project or an event, and tell about it.

Volunteers and people knitting together