Lviv, February 26th, 2022

Dear Partners of UCU and Ukraine!

For the third day in a row, the Ukrainian people have been steadfastly defending their Homeland. Many Ukrainian sons and daughters are sacrificing their lives today so that the aggressor’s greatest dream of humiliating a free country has never come true! Today we honor the memory of our fallen Heroes!

Our struggle continues! Many of you are asking how you can help Ukraine now. We deeply appreciate every word and every testimony of your partnership and encourage you in the following:

1. Thousands of Ukrainian women and children (including young men under the age of 18) and a number of foreigners that were staying in Ukraine are currently seeking refuge abroad. We deeply appreciate the help and support of Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, USA and Ireland to provide shelters for these people. It is an expression of true mercy and brotherhood. Among all these people are also teachers, students from different regions of Ukraine, who have no idea how to continue their work, study, and education. In addition, many Ukrainian students who are now staying abroad under different exchange and degree programs are worried about their future home return. We kindly ask you to provide support to such persons and, if possible, to host them at your universities so that they can continue their studies or conduct academic activities with the help of university resources (offices, libraries, Internet access, etc.) until the situation in our country is safe enough for them to return. 

2. Disinformation is a part of the Russian war. Many Russian citizens are blocked by their authorities from global channels of objective information. They do not know the truth about what is happening in Ukraine, being under the influence of Russian propaganda. We ask all our Partners to become a voice of conscience and determination for Russian universities and to appeal to the Russian academic community to oppose military intervention and call on their authorities to stop the war. Your impartial awareness of the dire and devastating consequences for Russian science and education will serve as influential and critical evidence for decisive anti-war protests. Please, encourage them to look for reliable and fact-checked news.

3. Encourage your state leaders to provide maximum possible military, humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukraine.

4. Reach out to your representatives in the Parliaments and urge them to support sanctions against the Russian Federation. This should primarily include sanctions against Russia’s Central Bank. State-owned companies Rosatom, Rosneft, and Surgutneftegaz must be sanctioned too. Expand the list of individuals for personal sanctions. If possible, encourage your communities to boycott Russian goods and services not to support the aggressor’s economy.

5. Putin has demonstrated that his war is not limited to a particular region of Ukraine. His initial attack on February 24 targeted military infrastructure throughout the country. The next wave of bombardment is likely to also encompass the whole country. Although not completely destroyed, Ukraine’s anti-aircraft and missile defense capabilities have been significantly weakened during the past 2 days of fighting. However, an all-out ballistic missile bombardment supported by heavy bombers from Russian and Belorus territories is likely to be overwhelming. Ukraine needs air cover! Encourage your political leaders to support the decision of introducing a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine.

6. We understand how devastating it will be to implement full isolation of Russia in all senses. However, we are convinced this is the right time to terminate Russia’s participation in all international research projects as well as international academic events and competitions. This will give Russian researchers, educators, and students the opportunity to focus on analyzing their indifference to current events. At the same time, actively condemning the actions of the Russian authorities in any of your interactions will awaken their conscience and desire to restore trust.

7.Russians attacking Ukraine have no morality, no values. The are bombing kindergartens, hospitals and residential areas in cities all around Ukraine! They are killing innocent civilians. prohibited by all possible norms of international law. Putin is a war criminal and a threat to humanity! Ukrainians are vigilantly gathering evidence of war crimes against humanity to convict Putin and bring him to justice. Support the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute Putin!

Thank you for being with us at this difficult time!

Together we will prove to the world and ourselves that humanity has not yet lost the strength to fight evil and enemy.

We hope for your support!
Yours sincerely,
Rectorate and Operating Group


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Photo: Reuters