Danylo Kolinko is a graduate of the UCU Applied Sciences Faculty, a researcher and a machine-learning engineer, a member of the Ukrainian scout organization Plast. Before the full-scale invasion began, he traveled extensively, hitchhiking from Ukraine to all over the Middle East. He loves tackling math problems and immensely enjoys doing ML research.

As the war escalated, he joined the 47th Brigade and was initially assigned to a mortar battery as a gunner. He is now commander of the intel and recon section and leads the air recon unit.

After the war, he wishes to return to ML and apply his background to research in the defense sector, aiming to prevent future threats to Ukraine.

Why did I decide to join the Armed Forces? Because it’s simply my duty. I feel that my country gave me everything that I have. Yes, everything, including my education. So I think in a time of crisis it is my duty to pay my country back to protect those who need it, and I decided to put my technical skill to use. That’s all.

If you’re talking about sort of management of the fighting, the whole thing, nothing gets done without these two things, drones and starlings. Every artillery piece, mortar, grenade launchers, everything needs correction of fire if you want your ammo not to go to waste. Every piece of heavy weaponry, basically every Bradley in our case, Abrams and so on and so forth, these machines need to be kind of guided to the battlefield, guided out of the battlefield, corrected. Yes, your infantry needs to be watched at every moment, so basically the commander of the battalion is enabled to do that only with this technical kind of equipment.

I think hardship always creates a kind of solid bond between people. Yes, it is always the case. And there are many horrible things about the war, but the beautiful thing: you get your own people, you get your team.



You can support Dan’s unit through the website of Dzyga’s Paw, a charitable foundation established by UCU graduate Iryna Popovych: https://dzygaspaw.com/dan