When Marta entered a room the lights went on. 💫

April 6, 2024, would have been the 65th birthday of the luminous Marta Kolomayets, a well-known journalist, long-time director of the Fulbright Program in Ukraine, head of numerous educational, public, and media projects, and our good friend at UCU. Instead, it became a day of remembrance. The Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation, UCU School of Journalism and Communication, and Marta’s family all gathered to pay tribute to her and commemorate her contribution to the formation of Ukrainian resilience. ❤️‍🩹

The event gathered almost a hundred relatives, friends, and people dear to Marta’s heart. The day began with a Divine Liturgy presided over by Metropolitan-Archbishop Borys Gudziak. Afterward, Marta’s friends and family had the opportunity to share warm memories of her, to remember all the light and love she brought to their lives. The occasion was also the premiere of the film “Marta,” a documentary about her and her incredible life. It was created by Anna Kolisnyk, a graduate of the UCU School of Journalism and Communication and the first recipient of the scholarship in memory of Marta.

Metropolitan-Archbishop Borys Gudziak speaking

The documentary in its entirety can be watched HERE

🇺🇦 Marta’s life’s work was to unite Ukrainians in the diaspora with Ukrainians in Ukraine so they could learn more about each other. UCU is excited to announce the launch of the Marta Kolomayets Memorial Internship Fund, dedicated to honoring the memory of Marta and supporting students of the UCU School of Journalism and Communication. One of the fund’s flagship initiatives is the internship program in the U.S., where students will research the Ukrainian diaspora. Understanding the Ukrainian diaspora is vital for preserving cultural heritage, fostering global connections, and enriching academic discourse. Your contributions to this fund will directly support students as they create multimedia projects showcasing diaspora life and providing valuable insights into the diverse experiences and contributions of Ukrainians around the world.

You can honor Marta’s legacy by investing in the future of journalism and diaspora cultural exploration through our “Donate” page.