“As a past Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) and Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary English teacher from 2002 to 2004 from Canada, I strongly believe that all instructors and staff supporting the students of these institutions provide an excellent path and roadmap for the students’ success professionally, spiritually and mentally for Ukraine as a whole. I am so grateful having been associated with these students as many of them will be terrific leaders of Ukraine today and years to come.

“I also had the extreme pleasure of teaching under the leadership of then Rector Dr Bohdan Prach and Patriarch Sviatoslav Shewchuk. Prior to arriving in August 2002 in Lviv and Rudno Ukraine from Kelowna, my career of 20 years began as a computer programmer, then a software course developer and then a software trainer within the engineering sector.

“To conclude, the privilege of sharing my western ideas and experiences with these UCU graduates in the best interests of all Ukrainians today and in the years forward. This was an amazing, life giving experience for me and I thank all past and present donors for this privilege.”

Morris Paley

Now residing in Burlington, Canada