With the support of UCU, the Volunteering and Defense Center has created three shelters for refugees in Lviv, where people temporarily stop to rest and plan their future path. Refugees are provided with basic services and necessities: medical help (psychologists, medical staff, pediatricians), clothing, bedding, household items, three meals a day, as well as produce and canned food that is distributed to families. In the first two months of the war, through the combined efforts of UCU and the center, some
2,000 refugees have been helped.

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“Finally, things are good with us. Every day I pray to God on behalf of the good people around us who help, and also so that the war will end as soon as possible.” – Natalya Krivulya, a refugee from Lysychansk

Lviv refugees eating dinner

“Students are a powerful energy. From the first days of a full-scale war, UCU students try to help where there is a need. We have many student organizations: some are engaged in volunteering, others help those who are fleeing war, and others work on the medical front. There are many challenges, but our response is also effective. UCU has many partners around the world, we have been trusted for many years. Now we cooperate with our donors and explain where in Ukraine there is the greatest need, we report on what exactly all the funds they donate for Ukrainians go to. People understand that this trouble can go to the whole world. And it is necessary to help those who are now in need.”  – Father Bohdan Prach, Rector UCU