Roman Ciapalo, Professor, Loras College, Department of Philosophy

“For the last two summers, I have had the privilege of giving some lectures at UCU’s Philosophy Summer School, an excellent and well-organized school, with some outstanding, highly motivated, and well-prepared graduate-level philosophy students, led by caring and dedicated members of the UCU faculty and focused on timely topics.

“The intensity of the teaching and learning atmosphere is due in no small measure to UCU’s wise choice of a location distant from the potential distractions of daily life in Lviv, making the experience more akin to that of an intellectual retreat which allows the participants to immerse themselves in reflection upon the school’s annual theme in a way that is intense, productive, and satisfying.  Although it is the edification of the students that is paramount, a personal bonus is that I always come away intellectually and spiritually refreshed, with a renewed optimism about Ukraine’s future.”