During the 27th assembly of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, which was held at the start of August at Boston College and gathered more than 200 representatives of Catholic universities from throughout the world, Ukrainian Catholic University received the award of the federation, the “Sciat Ut Serviat” medal, engraved with the federation’s motto, “To know in order to serve.” This is a symbolic gesture from the leadership of the federation, expressed in support and solidarity with UCU and the Ukrainian people, who are suffering unjust aggression on the part of russia.

Accepting the award on behalf of the UCU community, University President Metropolitan Borys Gudziak expressed gratitude to the federation and representatives of Catholic universities for their support. “I thank you on behalf of those people in Ukraine who daily hear air raid sirens, who see rockets flying over their heads which destroy neighboring buildings. I thank you on behalf of those who are giving their lives,” he emphasized.

Speaking of the war from which his friends and colleagues in Ukraine are suffering, the metropolitan stated: “This is a war in and against Ukraine, but it is not only about Ukraine. This is a war for Europe and world democracy. I thank the International Federation of Catholic Universities for supporting Ukrainians who fight for freedom in the world. In the last three months I was in Ukraine three times, meeting with professors, politicians, church leaders, students, the rich and poor, refugees and soldiers. No Ukrainian told me: ‘We need to surrender. We need to make compromises.’ This is a fight for life or death. The Russian attackers have demonstrated genocidal intentions, and I want you to know that the Ukrainians will not surrender and highly value your support.”

UCU was represented at the federation’s 27th assembly in Boston by Senior Vice-Rector Taras Dobko, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Sophia Opatska, and Olha Zarichynska, representing the UCU Foundation. The next assembly will be held in 2025 at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.