Alexander Kuzma, Chief Development Officer of the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation (UCEF), and Olha Zarichynska, Director of Development of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), recently visited donors in Florida.

The photo ABOVE shows the February 13th house party and public forum on Ukraine at The Shore Seaside community in Longboat Key, Florida, hosted by Anisa and George Mycak. The featured speakers were Kuzma and Zarichynska. A lively discussion followed additional presentations by Anisa Mycak and Oksana Bashuk Hepburn, contributing columnist to “The Ukrainian Weekly.”

In the photo ABOVE, hostess Anisa Mycak greets her guests and donors at the Friends of UCU Reception at her home in Longboat Key, Florida on February 13.  From left to right: Anisa Sawyckyj Mycak, Roman Semenowicz, Dr. Milton Kruk, UCEF Chief Development Officer Alex Kuzma and Zenon Derzko.

In the photo ABOVE, UCEF donors Anisa and George Mycak greet Stephanie and Dr. Milton Kruk during the February 13th house party at their home in Longboat Key.