This year, the UCU community is for the second time choosing laureates for the “Teacher of the Year” award. To summarize the second stage, the judging committee chose six candidates and announced the names of professors who are finalists. We will explain how the selection was done and publish a short list of finalists.

Who are the finalists for UCU ‘Teacher of the Year’?

Inha Kozlova

Inha Kozlova is an assistant professor in the Sociology Department of UCU’s Social Sciences Faculty, the head of the sociology laboratory. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her thoughts and suggestions become new challenges and projects for the department. The warm comments of students and respect of her colleagues are a natural reaction to the high professional and humane standards which form her work.

Roman Nazarenko

Roman Nazarenko is one of UCU’s youngest professors, an UCU graduate with a doctorate from Tilburg University.  He teaches classes in the Worldview Core program. It’s worth noting that the students themselves independently initiated his candidacy. He is a specialist in Islam. He teaches core courses in the “God and me” category. He inspires all his students, regardless of religious background. He is demanding but generous in giving time and attention.

Danylo Sudyn

Danylo Sudyn is an assistant professor in the Sociology Department of UCU’s Social Sciences Faculty. He unites the almost ununitable: experience and detailed knowledge of themes with energetic teaching. He enlists students in applied research and has a joke for every situation and generously shares them with students. As a public intellectual, he actively promotes UCU in various media. He runs a blog about books. He organically combines a deep and wide knowledge.

Oleksandra Nizdran-Fedorovych

Oleksandra Nizdran-Fedorovych is an assistant professor at the Clinical Psychology Department of UCU’s Health Sciences Faculty, a consultant in the field of positive psychotherapy. “Sensitive practitioner” describes her in two words. She doesn’t look for easy paths but persistently fights with the petrified and obsolete in her difficult profession. She is preparing a generation of modern, ambitious, and fearless psychologists, who will become successful scholars and good practitioners.

Khrystyna Dumych

Khrystyna Dumych is a senior professor of the Department of the Theory of Law and Human Rights of the Ukrainian Catholic University. She always finds a common language with the students. She talks about complicated topics simply and understandably. She always finds time for students, encouraging their studies. She knows how to create a positive atmosphere, in and outside the classroom, and she manages to combine practical and theoretical knowledge.

Oleksandr Avramchuk

Oleksandr Avramchuk is an assistant professor in the Clinical Psychology Department of UCU’s Health Sciences Faculty, highly professional and multifaceted. His students love him. His colleagues greatly value his leadership. He is an expert professor, practitioner, and scholar. He can distinguish the smallest details, yet doesn’t sacrifice truly lively interaction. He knows how to be enthusiastic about his work and to inspire others. Under his direction, students of all majors gain experience in their first true scholarly-practical projects which, finally, form graduates prepared to take on the most complicated tasks at the intersection of disciplines.