On June 6, the territory of the campus of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) hosted the Perelaz Folk Ball, which has gathered friends of the university for 14 years. This year some 67 scholarships were donated for students, 3 stipends for professors, a total of $260,000.

U.S. donor Dr. Lesia Kolenska was in attendance and donated $4,050.

Perelaz, a family event, this year gathered some 260 adults and 100 children who share the ideas and mission of the university.

UCU Rector Fr. Bohdan Prach greeted the guests: “The team of the Ukrainian Catholic University worthily went through this difficult period of pandemic crisis: we worked with dedication. I thank you for being here today! We gathered together to fill with joy the hearts of these parents and students who are not able to pay for the education of their children.”