UCU Foundation and global partners aim to raise scholarships for every student in need of financial support for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the people of Ukraine have inspired the world with their resilience, courage, and faith. Against the tremendous force of the Russians and the resulting devastation and violence, citizens have placed themselves squarely between disaster and their country’s future. At Ukrainian Catholic University, our students manifest this determination by continuing to learn and make themselves ready for the challenge of rebuilding their country.

UCU students are subject to the same horrors repeatedly portrayed in the press. Many of the students and their families have lost their homes, jobs, and income. Some of our students have already lost family members in the war. However, they choose to forge ahead, refusing to let their education become another casualty of the war.

Learning Continues at UCU 

At UCU, we understand that educated, passionate young people will be a leading force of rejuvenation in Ukraine. Keeping our students learning is of the utmost importance. In dark times, the powerful light of education becomes indispensable.

The war has brought extreme financial challenges to UCU. Our two main sources of revenue in Ukraine– tuition and fundraising – have virtually disappeared as a result of the Russian invasion. We cannot expect them to return until long after the end of the war.

UCU Foundation Launches Scholarship Campaign

For all these reasons, the global UCU partners proudly announce their SCHOLARSHIP FUND that will allow every UCU student in need of financial aid to attend the university for free next year. The foundation seeks to raise $4.2 million dollars for 1000 scholarships to allow our students to attend UCU tuition free for the next academic year. As of early June, 450 scholarships have been pledged for the 2022-2023 Scholarship Fund. We hope to allow ALL of our students to continue their education and ensure their futures in Ukraine.

UCU Scholarships Give Students Hope

As you can hear in the testimonies of students in this inspirational video, a scholarship is more than significant financial help; it is a moving gesture of trust. Scholarships serve as a validation to the students that their futures matter, not just to themselves, but to people all around the world. With their pledge of support, donors are telling the students, “We believe in you, and we believe in the ability of Ukraine to win.”

In the midst of war, there is no greater act of optimism than to carry forward in hope and purpose, knowing that the future holds a place for you. 

If you would like to stand with Ukraine and these students, please donate now.