Funds raised will directly support Ukrainian Catholic University’s humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine.

Chicago, IL – March 4, 2022

This week, Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation (UCU Foundation) launched a dedicated fund that will support humanitarian aid and emergency relief efforts at Ukrainian Catholic University.

The fund comes after 9 days of a full-scale invasion and unprovoked attacks on Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes, and civilian casualties are mounting daily as cities in Ukraine are under siege. Refugees who are fleeing, many of whom are women and children, are heading to Western Ukraine where the University is located.


In response to these horrific acts, Ukrainian Catholic University has quickly refocused itself on supporting those affected by the war.

Since this weekend, UCU has converted its Andrew and Christine Kozak Fitness Center as well as its dormitories Collegium I and II and has welcomed refugees who are fleeing. UCU also opened a Humanitarian Support Collection Center on its campus. UCU’s Sheptytsky Center has become a collection site for medical aid including: tourniquets, dressings, antibiotics, medical gloves, medical screws, painkillers, syringes, blood transfusion systems, blankets, meal kits, and other essential items. Students, faculty, and staff at UCU are organizing these efforts. 

“Ukrainian Catholic University has always been a center for positive action and hope for Ukraine. Our students and faculty are remarkable, and their bravery in the face of war and ability to mobilize to help the most vulnerable in the last week has been extraordinary,” said Taras Szmagala, Jr., Board Chair of UCU Foundation.

Learning Continues at UCU

“The most important antidote against fear and feeling of helplessness is human solidarity and doing something important together,” –Bohdan Prach, Vice-Rector, Ukrainian Catholic University.

Rather than suspending classes, UCU has moved to a service learning model. In 2004 and 2013-14, when Ukraine went through two revolutions to safeguard its democratic development and rule of law, the university transferred its education services from classes to the streets. Students went through tempering experiences of social activism, public service, and civic responsibility. The university is using this same model now. Students are required to participate in ‘classes’ either in person or remotely. In each program, teachers and their students are defining their own way of enacting social change. Students are developing volunteer projects which could prove useful in helping others, and help the community.

Help Now – Donate to the UCU Ukraine Emergency Fund 

“Since its creation, UCU Foundation has been a safe, trusted place for Americans to make donations that directly benefit Ukraine and its people. Supporters of UCU can be confident that their donations to the UCU Ukrainian Emergency Fund through UCU Foundation will go directly to supporting the humanitarian efforts being done through the university. New donors should also be aware of our independently-verified, 4-star Charity Navigator rating,” said Alexander Kuzma, Chief Development Officer, UCU Foundation.

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine only continues to grow and your support is urgently needed. To make a tax-deductible gift, visit 

Supporters may designate their gift towards the Ukraine Emergency Fund in the donation drop down menu.