Three modules of the Good Governance Program of the School of Public Administration of the Ukrainian Catholic University were recently held. The program, with some 150 graduates, has been going on for seven years now, with the support of the Boston Friends of UCU.

“A number of Good Governance graduates have gone into politics,” notes Valentyna Zasadko, head of the UCU School of Public Administration. [RELATED STORY] “Some have become members of Ukraine’s Parliament, some in city governments, and some graduates have launched their own projects in civic organizations. For us at the School of Public Administration, it’s important to form leaders for change, who will introduce innovative approaches to government administration and effective conduct reforms. The program was founded right about the Revolution of Dignity and is a response to those challenges that then faced Ukraine, and it is now no less relevant.”

Good Governance is a three-month program (the last cycle was from December through February), composed of three modules, each of which lasts three full days. During this time, the participants prepare their own mini-projects, which should bring positive changes to society and involve questions of ensuring the transparency and accountability of government structures, foster public-private dialogue, support anti-corruption activities, and overcome obstacles on the road to reform.