On 18 July, Ukrainian Catholic University had the honor to greet within its walls a friend of UCU, Larisa Galadza, a Canadian diplomat of Ukrainian background, Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine.

Fr. Bohdan Prach, Larisa Galadza, and Natalia Klymovska at the University Church of the Holy Wisdom of God speaking to each other.

Fr. Bohdan Prach, Larisa Galadza, and Natalia Klymovska at the University Church of the Holy Wisdom of God

This year Larisa Galadza finishes her term as Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine. During her visit, Madame Ambassador expressed her support for the university and her gratitude for many years of cooperation: “I have visited UCU for a number of years, to interact with students, the rector, and the community. This time there’s a special goal – to say ‘good-bye’ and thank the university, rectors, and students for their presence, their friendship, for interesting communication and cooperation.”

Larisa Galadza and the UCU team walking outside.

Larisa Galadza and the UCU team

Together with UCU Rector Taras Dobko, Fr. Bohdan Prach, and Vice-Rector for Development and Communications Natalia Klymovska, she spoke about UCU’s role in Ukraine’s post-war rebuilding, future projects, and possibilities for further cooperation with Canada through government programs.

UCU and Larisa speaking together at a table.

Madame Ambassador emphasized that Ukraine is now going through difficult times: “When I come here, I am assured that UCU is preparing for Ukraine’s future. The university also will play a central role in the moral, political, economic, medical, and physical rebuilding of Ukraine. Today we spoke about the need for human capital, how to form it on the basis of what the university has already developed. There are many ideas and those who want to implement them, but there are also great needs. How UCU and other institutions of higher education in Ukraine will overcome new challenges is a difficult question. But here I see both former rector Fr. Bohdan Prach and new rector Taras Dobko, who have a concrete vision, and Vice-Rector Natalia Klymovska, who understands well how to develop and gather people around her who will help UCU be a leading institution of higher education in Ukraine. I hope that people will come here to learn and be filled with inspiration, as I have done for the last four years.”

Larisa Galadza sitting at a table.

Larisa Galadza

Vice-Rector Natalia Klymovska thanked Ms. Galadza for supporting the university in difficult times: “Madame Ambassador visited UCU a number of times. This was a difficult time – at first because of COVID, and later because of the full-scale war. But Ms. Galadza remained in Ukraine, worked here, and cooperated with our university. We thank her for this and greatly appreciate this support.”

After a discussion, the delegation had a tour of the main campus of Ukrainian Catholic University.

Larisa Galadza posing with people from UCU in a church.

We recall that in 2021 Ms. Galadza was the keynote speaker at UCU’s commencement ceremonies. You can watch her speech below.