In a post titled “GOOD NEWS AFTER A VERY BAD YEAR,” posted on the “First Things” website today, public intellectual George Weigel features the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU).

The Ukrainian Catholic University in L’viv is a miracle. More than 70 years of communist brutality left Ukrainian society morally and culturally shattered. But the great 20th-century leaders of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Metropolitans Andrey Sheptytsky and Josyf Slipyj, had long dreamt of a Catholic center of higher learning in Ukraine. And under the dynamic leadership of a Harvard-educated Ukrainian-American, Borys Gudziak (now the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparch of Philadelphia), that dream has been realized in this dynamic university with a mission of cultural renewal. Because UCU understands that true education involves human formation, spiritual formation, and service to society as well as intellectual engagement, it has become a model for Catholic higher learning in the 21st century. Everyone who cares about the life of the Catholic mind and the education of Catholic leaders for the future will be heartened by watching the university’s story here. (Be sure to click CC at the bottom of the screen for English subtitles if your Ukrainian isn’t quite up to speed.)

(The full article is available HERE)