Svitlana Khyliuk, head of the Department of the Theory of Law and Human Rights of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), spoke about her work.

Khyliuk has worked at UCU since 2017. She developed her own course on the use of The European Convention on Human Rights in criminal proceedings. In 2020, she received a professor’s stipend from the Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company.

“The phrase ‘I work at the office’ is not entirely correct, because I live here,” she said. “Work takes up the lion’s share of my life, because I love what I do. This is where I receive much energy, inspiration, motivation, and joy. At UCU I recognize values, approaches to life which are brought into my family. There’s light, freedom, and a common joy that we are doing important things here.”

A Ukrainian-language interview with her is available HERE>