On November 25, the Learned Council of the Ukrainian Catholic University at its regular session discussed a number of questions facing the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, including its relations with a seminary in Kyiv and the UCU student council.

Fr. Yuriy Shchurko, Dean of the Faculty and himself a graduate of UCU (pictured above), reported on the faculty’s activities in 2019-2020, including its status with the Vatican. He also mentioned a memorandum signed about cooperation with Three Saints Seminary in Kyiv, thanks to which the seminary’s first 10 graduates will receive ecclesiastical diplomas with international recognition.

UCU’s newly-elected Student Council also presented plans for its activities. The Learned Council called the students to delegate their representatives in various commissions and working groups of the university, and also assured them of support in implementing programs.

A detailed report on the session of UCU’s Learned Council is available in the Ukrainian language HERE