United Ukraine, an organization of students of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), brings hope and fun to children at schools near the front line in Ukraine’s Luhansk Region. UCU students visit with the new program “Happy together.” They teach kids dance and music and have a lot of workshops and fun.

Solomiya Picyk: “When we arrived at the village of Dmitryevka, we were surprised that a lot of children were already waiting at school, even though there was still plenty of time before lessons would start. We quickly prepared everything we needed for our workshops and started our programs with dancing workshops.”

Mariya Borova: “Children from the village of Rayhorodka are a real example of sincerity and openness, and their faith in a good future for our country is an inspiration for others. These students sparked us with their love for their region and traditions. They even have their own mini-ethnographic museum on the school’s premises! And from their strong hugs, sincere smiles and glowing eyes, we were inspired in advance for a few more months.”

This is the fifth year that UCU students have visited front-line villages and schools.


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