Sophia Opatska, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), noted that 56% of the university’s first-year students are in the top 5% of the country’s high school graduates, according to the results of standardized national testing. UCU’s Recruiting Department added that in 2019 some 55% were in this category and in 2018 there were 48%.

Opatska said: “We chose a strategy similar to the American model for attracting the best students: the top 1% of the USA’s high school graduates study at 20 leading American universities. Our strategy is similar, because we want to have strong graduates who will influence social processes in the country, be loyal to their alma mater, and invest in UCU’s development.

“How do we manage to attract the best? First, all the programs that UCU launches are different from those already on the market. We’re not interested in launching one more program that other universities have. So, each program of the Ukrainian Catholic University is unique, special, and brings value to the student. Second, strong groups. When you are choosing an educational institution, it is important to look at who will teach you and with whom you will study. Very often, the peer group has no less significance than the teacher, for if the group is strong, then then teacher can work at an appropriate level,” said Opatska.