The Ukraine-based Zagoriy Foundation has donated $300,000 for the construction of the new Collegium II of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). Collegium II will be a large formational space for students, staff, and guests of the university. The building, which is slated to open in June, is designed on the model of a living-learning community.

Kateryna and Hlib Zagoriy, founders of the foundation, said: “We want to substantially increase the reach of good works where it is critically insufficient. That’s the main criterion by which the Zagoriy Foundation chooses projects for support. Among these are a number of educational projects, because, for our common future, nothing is more important than education. Investing in professional people with a strong moral foundation is the best of all investments. Ukraine is poor in petroleum and has no gold or diamond deposits. Our ‘petroleum, gold, and diamonds’ is youth, educators, and scholars. Their good will be good for us all.”

UCU is grateful to the Zagoriy Foundation for its generous gift for the construction of the new Collegium II and ongoing support of the university.

Note: Kateryna Zagoriy is from Lviv and Hlib Zagoriy is from Kyiv.