Former US Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, answers questions about Ukraine asked by supporters of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) who took part in the 2020 Midwest Virtual Virtual Event put on by the Midwest Friends of UCU and Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation (UCEF) on November 8.

What do you see as the short-term and long-term challenges that Ukraine is facing at this point that need our support?

Folks would like to know what you predict for Ukraine’s future in the next year: Where do you see internal events going and what do folks need to be prepared for?

What kind of advice would you give to Ukraine’s leaders as they move forward?

How do you expect to see U.S. policy towards Ukraine change with a new administration?

In the coming year or two, how do you intend to be committed and working to help Ukraine achieve its potential?

What are the kind of assistance programs needed to help Ukraine become a thriving democracy?