You can watch the video of the virtual meeting with leaders of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) and Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation (UCEF) held on May 20>

Watch a whole video 56 min.

A short piece from video with Bishop Borys speech where he addresses to friends, donors, and UCU “it is not time to slow down”

You can Help Too!

We have some special donor opportunities for you!

Mykola Haliv Scholarship Fund for UCU students

You can ensure that the mission of the Ukrainian Catholic University continues to thrive in the future by making a legacy gift to UCEF through your will or estate plan

You can help support students or UCU!

Even a humble contribution from you is a very important sign of your trust and support of our academic community. Your moral, material and spiritual support give us great encouragement to keep moving forward and to create a successful future today. You can support UCU in various ways: donate money, support a student scholarship, include the university in your will, donate a work of art or collection of books, become a volunteer at the university, attend a charity event supporting UCU or start your own endowment. Each of these ways of donating is valuable for UCU, and the university is grateful to each and all its benefactors.

Establish a scholarship 

UCUniversity does not receive any financial support from the Ukrainian government and in the funding of its educational and scientific programs is entirely dependent on the help of charitable foundations and private donors. The average expenditure for an undergraduate student at UCU is about US $ 3300 per year. Each year, UCU sets the price of student payments at a level that the majority of students can afford, and these tuition payments vary by program, ranging from about $500 in some humanities to $2000 in computer science, for the academic year 2019-2020. Since those student payments are much less than the expenditure of $3300 per student, the University needs to cover the total educational expenditure from donor scholarships/grants. MORE