This is just the first week of the war…  The first week in which we faced the terrible dehumanization of our Russian neighbors. The first week, we saw an impressive example of self-sacrifice of our soldiers, President, diplomats, representatives of various security forces, volunteers, participants in the defense… And their example of self-sacrifice makes each of us asks how we can sacrifice.

This week of war is like the Passion Week of Jesus Christ in which he sacrificed himself. Christians know that after that came the Resurrection, which is why Christianity arose, pointing to our future in God’s eyes.

Therefore, the mission of our generation is not to allow this abomination to invade our country and to save our loved ones from this abomination of desolation that is spreading from Russia.

As Christians, we must understand that only the Lord God is Almighty, and only He puts an end to history.

For this reason, let us surrender to His care. Let us lift our hearts to Him. Prayer strengthens weakened knees.

We have had one of the most difficult weeks in all our history. But God has not left us and will not leave us. He will not leave because he is faithful and responsible for His creation. God is not only our Creator but also our Savior.

This has also become possible thanks to our brave warriors and many people of goodwill who stand in defense of the truth, protecting human dignity, sacrificing their lives to cherish the good and future of many generations.

It is difficult for many of us to get used to the idea that we have a full-scale war, that all this is happening.

It is impossible to understand evil because evil is nonsense. It is illogical. To understand evil means to make it justified, to prove the need for its existence. The Apostle John the Theologian teaches that sin, which is evil in its essence, is lawlessness (1 John 3: 4), that is, the transgression of God’s order, the way to nowhere. And so it cannot last.

In the book of Revelation, the beasts who symbolize godless rulers fight the saints but are defeated, and God establishes His kingdom (Rev 19-22). So likewisewill Putin’s and his henchman pride come to an end. Evil is disgusting and terrible, but not eternal. It cannot last.

In this tough time, we as Christians must become people of hope for all people of goodwill. This hope is what will last. We have two thousand years of experience witnessing to Christ, that is, truth, love, faith, and hope. Refusing to be hateful and refusing to despair — this is how we can sacrifice.

Let’s be patient. Many of you outside Ukraine wish you were here to help. Your patience and hope is your help. This will be a long war, as long as Putin is alive. Let’s not lose heart because our brave defenders did not drop their weapons, and they are incomparably harder than us.

Fr. Yuriy Shchurko, Dean of  the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology at UCU

We here are extremely pleased with many Ukrainians around the world, by your wisdom, culture, and unity in this difficult time. We feel your solidarity.

We are glad that almost all Western countries are beginning to realize that everyone is dealing with a crazy man, so we are grateful for your help, but we need it even more. Today, because tomorrow may be late

And we need to do our job – each in his place.   So, please help however you can, but especially be people of patience and hope. God’s truth will prevail.

Fr. Yuriy Shchurko, Dean of  the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology at UCU

Photo: Ukrainian military (UNIAN)