The UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) has published the fifth issue of its expert publication “Insight Inside”.  The journal is coming out in a multimedia format for the first time: together with interesting texts, you’ll also find video interviews and podcasts.

The creators have dedicated the fifth issue of “Insight Inside” to the theme of the future after COVID.

Read in this issue:

– What will life be like after the pandemic? We imagine that the quarantine has fully finished, so how (or generally will) companies return to “normal rhythm”? What is “the new norm”? We asked experts from various fields about this and are ready to share the most interesting insights.

– Stories of brave entrepreneurs, among whom are graduates of the UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS), who openly share how they managed to survive the crisis or even to open their own businesses in the most unfavorable times.

–  A series of video interviews with famous entrepreneurs and intellectuals about Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky: Why are his actions and thoughts relevant for today’s Ukrainians, and how can these thoughts help us move forward?

– Intellectual centers of the UCU Business School have prepared relevant translated articles and research with their own managerial conclusions on leading themes that concern the world community.

–A separate section dedicated to mental health. What should we as workers and employers give special attention to? Listen to podcasts with experts which we recorded in partnership with Radio Skovoroda.

We invite you to enjoy these intellectual texts and discussions and to find out relevant thoughts of experts. All this is in the fifth issue of “Insight Inside” from LvBS.

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