Dear friends and partners of UCU around the world!

Pope Francis has called on everyone, to organize a Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace in Ukraine on March 2, Ash Wednesday. On this day we all can share the sufferings of the Ukrainian people, to make everyone feel like brothers and sisters and to pray to God for the end of the war.

We invite you to join the Jesus Prayer for Peace in Ukraine in English, which will take place on March 2 at 17:00 (Kyiv time) on the campus of the Ukrainian Catholic University with students, faculty, and those who have taken refuge in the UCU fleeing the war.

The prayer will be broadcast on the UCU Facebook page

Fr. Yuriy Shchurko, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of UCU, who will also address the world, will lead the prayer.

Dear world community, unite with us in the Prayer of Jesus.

Glory to Ukraine! God be with us! Glory to Ukraine! God be with us!