The Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) responds to the challenges of the times. All colleges and universities in Ukraine have been closed until April 3 in response to the corona virus. Many US universities have already announced that they will remain online to the end of the semester. On the first day of quarantine, the Ukrainian Catholic University managed to introduce distance learning. The educational process is now online. Technologies allow both lectures and seminars to take place. The process has not stopped, but on the contrary – there are webinars daily, teachers are actively learning how to work with new tools, and students are getting used to new realities and are preparing to submit projects, coursework, and possibly work on their final papers remotely.

UCU professors about online education (from Facebook)

Yaroslav Prytula, Dean, Applied Sciences Faculty

“Despite all the trials that the world has endured in the past weeks and months, in recent days I am amazed at how people support one another in difficult moments. Donations, offers to bring food home to older people, open services online: people of the world, you are incredible!

We just had a conversation with Coursera representatives about free access to their courses for our students and staff. As Sophia Opatska said, we felt like we were the only client, and in fact they are connecting 16,000 universities around the world! 16,000 universities around the world!

People of the world, you are incredible!”

Yuriy Pidlisnyy, head of the Politics-Economics-Ethics Program

“The quarantine is quarantined, and lectures at UCU are on schedule.

The educational process is now online. Technologies allow this. Both lectures and seminars are going on. Even so, there is an opportunity to use a somewhat freer schedule.

The quarantine, in my case, gave me a little more time to read. I’m reading a new book and re-reading something I forgot. And I’m listening to courses from a professor at Yale University. You need to refresh what’s forgotten. And this is good to do with a professor who has some excellent approaches and methods.

Let’s watch out! Let’s take care of our neighbors! Let’s protect Ukraine!”

Dmytro Sherengovsky, head of UCU International Office, PhD in International Politics

“There has been a week of reorganizing the university into a distance-based format for education and administration. I can say that I have never had so many online meetings: Today – 9 hours of online classes and meetings. Impressions are very positive, and probably the most important thing is the feeling of a single team, which sometimes gets lost in the routine and emerges again in crisis situations. It is too early to summarize final thoughts, but it is time for temporary ones – and I hope, as we all do, that the Ukrainian government would work like our small UCU community.”

Matviy Dukh, Head of Student Recruiting Office 

Do you work online? Do you like it?

The first week of quarantine was an unforgettable experience for each of us in the recruiting office of UCU) 😇

I thought at home I would work faster and easier – but no, it was even harder!

Stay home, save lives!

During this crisis we started a few online initiatives at UCU.

We keep all of you in our prayers!

The University Church of the Holy Wisdom of God is living the usual liturgical life. Every day we pray morning, mid-day, and evening prayers for our community, workers, teachers, students, and benefactors. To be closer to you, on March 24 we will start broadcasting our daily Divine Services and we invite you, your families and friends to pray with us. Join UCU Pastoral Department on Facebook ( )

Weekdays 8:00-9:30 / 13:15-14:00 / 18:00-19:30 (Kyiv Time)

Sunday Divine Liturgy 10:00 and 12:00 (Kyiv Time)


Lviv Business School starts online webinar ‘Business vs Crisis’ 

Ukraine is beginning to enter the turbulence which other countries in the world are already experiencing. What can I do to protect myself from the catastrophic effects of the impending economic crisis? The UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) offers free online webinars which propose a crisis strategy. Register for a Ukrainian-language online webinar here

UCU Iconography Studio starts online Ukrainian-language classes in Icon Art

For all those who dreamed of painting an icon but could not find the time, as well as for those who love to draw, the Raduzh Iconography Studio-School at UCU will teach you how to paint an icon of St. Michael the Archangel or St. Nicholas from the comfort of your home! Register Online

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