Your Scholarship Donation for an UCU Student Will Be Doubled through May 31

Dear Donors (and prospective donors):

We have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity, both for students of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), and for you, our generous donors.

If you have never before donated for an UCU scholarship, your scholarship donation for an UCU undergraduate student will double in value if you donate by May 31, 2019. An anonymous donor has offered a challenge grant of up to $50,000 for donors who for the first time support an UCU student scholarship in the field of Applied Sciences. A donation of $3,300 will pay for a student’s tuition for a year or $6,000 for tuition, lodging, and books. Gifts of any size will be much appreciated, as they will be double-matched by our anonymous donor.

UCU is now attracting top students from across the country. 48% of students who entered UCU in 2018 were in the top 5% of their high school classes, according to standardized testing. And some of these students chose UCU even though they did not receive a scholarship from UCU and could have attended state schools tuition-free.